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Decorating your pediatric office waiting room?

We've grown! Check out our new site: pedatricofficefurniture.com

Artwork By Kids, now Pediatric Office Furniture, is the premier pediatric decorating resource for colorful waiting room chairs, vinyl waiting room chairs, reception chairs, and so much more. Design and decorate your pediatric office, school, children's library, museum or yogurt shop with bright colored thermoplastic or vinyl reception chairs. We offer a variety of chairs and furniture, including the award winning Bola and Smile waiting room and cafe chairs.

Artwork by Kids/Pediatric Office Furniture had humble beginnings with 2 determined stay at home mom's desires to launch a business with colorful child drawn children's artwork to decorate pediatric offices. This desire to publish cute children's artwork grew into a business of matching the artwork with colorful waiting room chairs. In time, more vendors were added and more products. 

Pediatric Office Furniture will help you design with over 10 years of experience in helping pediatrician's, office managers, and children's libraries, we will walk you through the process of picking out the perfect reception chair.   We offer many different waiting room chairs with the Cat chair, the Bola chair and the Smile chair to name a few. 

In addition to waiting room furniture, we offer interactive waiting room toys that will entertain children quietly.  Check out all of our children's waiting room furniture HERE.  

Contact us HERE or call Jeanette Taylor at 936-372-5178 or 1-877-769-8401 for more information or to order over the phone.