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Especially Designed for Pediatric Waiting Rooms, Cafe's, Libraries and Schools.


Artwork By Kids is the premier pediatric decorating resource for colorful waiting room and cafe chairs and cute children's artwork.  Design and decorate your pediatric office, school, children's library, museum or yogurt shop with bright colored thermoplastic or vinyl covered chairs. Our children's artwork matches most of the chair colors so why not make make decorating your pediatric waiting room, children's library or cafe even easier by coordinating the artwork with the award winning Bola, and Smile waiting room and cafe chairs?  Call Jeanette Taylor at 936-372-5178 or 1-877-769-8401 for more information or to order over the phone.

Artwork By Kids will help you design your children's library or museum, school, waiting room or yogurt shop with a professional layout for your waiting room with our colorful cafe and receptions chairs.. Find your children's libary decor or your cafe colorful chairs with the Jazz chair, the Bola chair and the Smile chair.

Artwork By Kids is the perfect decorating solution for a yogurt shop, cafe, children's museum or pediatric office searching for cute and colorful chairs and barstools. Are you looking for a fun and quiet waiting room?  We offer interactive waiting room toys that will entertain children quietly.  Our magnetic sand tables and our magnetic game panels are the perfect solution for waiting rooms looking for waiting room toys to engage children in creative and quiet play.